10th ISHA

International Symposium on the History of Anesthesia

Supported by the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists

Exploring our origin and future

We have closed the application.
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Call for abstract

The organizing committee is pleased to invite submissions of abstracts to be presented at the 10th International Symposium on the History of Anesthesia, ISHA, in Kobe city.
We encourage and welcome you to submit any abstracts related to historical aspects of anesthesia, critical care medicine, resuscitation and pain management. Abstracts on medical humanities or ethical topics that relate to the history of these areas are also welcomed.


  • 1st September 2021 12:00 noon (Japan Standard Time - JST) – Online abstract submission opens
  • Noon of 22nd December 2021(JST) – Online abstract submission close

Abstracts MUST BE RECEIVED no later than Noon of 22nd December 2021(JST)

Notification of acceptance or rejection of the submitted abstract will be sent out at the beginning of February.

The full text of the selected abstracts will be published on the “The proceeding of the 10th ISHA “. Therefore, after notification of the acceptance, we will contact you again to request the submission of the thesis and inform you about the permission of reprinting of your thesis.

Submit Abstract Format

  • All abstracts and presentations are to be in English.
  • One-sided, A4 paper in Times New Roman. 10 point and a maximum of 750 words.
  • One picture or simple tables may be uploaded with the abstract.
  • Formulas should be avoided.
  • Use standard abbreviations in parentheses after the full word the first time it appears.
  • List names of all authors and underline name of presenting author.
  • Please include an email address, contact e-mail address and phone/fax numbers.
  • Please let me know which is your first choice 1. Oral presentation or 2.Poster presentation.

(* Secretariat will make the final decision)

How to Submit Abstract

  • All abstracts will only be accepted by email.
  • All abstracts should be emailed to gakujyutu@anesth.or.jp.
    Please include an e-mail address, contact address and phone/fax numbers in your abstract.
  • All abstracts should be received via e-mail by Noon of 22nd December 2021(JST)
  • Please send us E-mall with subject below;
    Subject:(Application)Abstract for ISHA2022 + Your name

Presentation Style

The presentation will be given in either Oral or Poster.
Please specify which style you prefer.
Due to the limited presentation time, even if you wish oral presentation, we may assign your presentation in poster presentation.

Oral presentation;

Office PowerPoint in PC format is the default audiovisual format at the meeting venue.
Presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes, 5 minutes for discussion.
Please let us know if any variation is required or if you will be using video files.

Poster presentation;

Posters to be on display 8:00 am Thursday - 12:00 noon Saturday.
Approximately half hour each of those days is set for discussions beside the poster.
Poster Presenters are expected to stand by their poster, ready to present, during the Poster Discussion time on their presentation day.

Please see the ISHA website https://isha2022.com for complete details on the call for abstracts and other detailed information.

Abstract Withdrawal

If your submitted abstract must be withdrawn, a written withdrawal request must be submitted to the JSA Secretariat (gakujyutu@anesth.or.jp) by e-mail originating from the presenter’s e-mail address.

This notice must be clearly mentioned the followings:

  • Abstract submission number
  • Title and presenter’s email address
  • Reason(s) for withdrawal of the abstract
  • Attest that all authors agree that the abstract must be withdrawn