10th ISHA

International Symposium on the History of Anesthesia

Supported by the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists

Exploring our origin and future

Registration (for participation onsite)

  • All members can register via “My page” on our website from 15th February.
    Please refer to details via the ‘Member Application Page’ below.
  • Non-members can register by email using the Application form which can be downloaded below.
  • Send the application form to Email: isha@arc3.co.jp (Only non-member application)
  • For promoting history of anesthesiology, we offer free registration to medical students.
    *It is limited to the first 10 participants.

*Non-members may also apply for the optional tour and accommodation.

*About the VISA inquiry send to isha@arc3.co.jp (Arc Three International)

All Fees

Registration Early Bird (〜5/26) Standard (6/1~6/18)
Non-member USD 350 USD 400
Member JPY 40,000 JPY 40,000

*Can also participate in the 69th Annual meeting of JSA.

*Includes Opening Ceremony of JSA, Welcome Party, short tour to our Anesthesia Museum, and Congress Banquet.

*Lunch and refreshments are supplied.

Additional Option
One Day Bus trip USD 100

*Members will receive information regarding application for this Optional Tour from isha@arc3.co.jp after completing your application. Click here for itinerary of tour.

Non-member Application form
Member Accommodation Reservation page of 69th Annual meeting(Open from 15th February)

Payment method for non-members

Payment available by major credit cards (Visa / Master / Amex /etc.)
After confirmation of application, a payment link will be sent to email address provided.
Payment is to be completed by the participant by the date indicated.
All payments will be processed in Japanese Yen.


Once the payment is settled, it will not be refunded under any circumstance.

To all participants (About Infection prevention measures)

《Request for all visitors》

  • You must wear a mask for infection control measures when you visit a venue.
  • You have to pre-registration.
  • You cannot register in the day.
  • Please check and regard announcement about covid-19 form Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare.

《Temperature check and Sterilization》

  • We check all participant`s temperature.
  • Please disinfect your hands with sanitizer and wash frequently.

《For Congestion reducing》

  • We will restrict the number of people allowed inside when it is getting busy at entrance and exhibition venue. Please take you time when you come.
  • We set the seat with space. Please Keep physical distance from other participants as possible.

《Infection control measures》

We ventilate at Presentation and exhibition venue and disinfect our equipment thoroughly.

  • All staffs check them temperature every day.

《About Party》

Please cooperate to infection control measures at venue when you attend the party.